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Window Film

streamline auto sounds offers residential and commercial window film services




Maxpro ElementIR™ takes window film performance to a whole new level. Utilizing our proprietary mineral-dyed construction combined with IR rejection technology, this film combines color-stability with extreme heat rejection, offering a premium look and superior performance. Maxpro’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty ensures 100% satisfaction over the lifetime of this film.


MaxCool IR is a nano ceramic window film that provides higher heat rejection and infrared rejection (IR) than standard dyed or metalized window film. MaxCool IR is engineered to keep the car feeling cooler due to a higher rejection of total solar energy and protect the interior from UVA and UVB rays.


Maxpro Element™ is a color-stable, non-fading, and non-interference film that uses proprietary mineral-dyes to achieve a true black (not brown) appearance for better factory match and aesthetic appeal. Element™ provides a perfect balance of heat rejection, UV rejection and IR rejection to fit just about any budget and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty you can count.


MPCX is a color stable, non fading, metal and free product that offers high heat rejection and Infrared (IR) rejection to keep you cool and will not interfere with satellite reception. MPCX film has 1.5 mil 2 ply construction with limited lifetime warranty






Select Series

High performance precious metal films with natural tones designed to allow in maximum light but reject the maximum amount of heat.


Xtreme Optiks SerieS

Hüper Optik Xtreme offers a blend of sophisticated style with a budget in mind. Our dye stable film is guaranteed not to fade or change colors.



Films using the power of Nano-Ceramic technology to improve performance and quality.